More Handy Tips for TVmap in Excel users ~ Part two

Tip 5. Who won the ratings last night?
Here’s the scenario: Last night was a huge night of television with State of Origin and your client bought a spot in the program -  you need to let them know how it rated for their P 25-54 demographic in Brisbane.

What to do: At 9.01am the following morning, open Daily Analysis from the template list and last night’s ratings will be available. Change the demographic from Total People to P25-54 and the market from Sydney to Brisbane and the 000’s and TARPs for each program will be displayed, with a colour coded reference to identify 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Daily Analysis Screenshot

Tip 6. Update agency ratecard and client ratecards will update automatically.
Here’s the scenario: A broadcaster issues you client discount levels to apply to your agency base ratecard. You can create a new client ratecard that is a duplicate of the agency ratecard then apply your client discounts. Any time the agency base ratecard is updated the changes will automatically apply to the client ratecard.

What to do: Load an agency ratecard as the ‘Parent’ card and link a client ratecard to it by ticking the box "Based on master ratecard group". Any future amendments to the agency ratecards will automatically update the client ratecard.

Client ratecard screenshot

Tip 7. Customise your own Demographic List.
Rather than searching through the demographic list for the ones you use regularly, you can set them up to appear at the top of the demographic drop down list every time you use it.

What to do: Go to TVmap Tools/Options/Demographics and tick the demographics you use most frequently. Next time you open TVmap and go the demographic drop down list, it will display your favourite demographics at the top of the list.

Demographic list screenshot

Well, that's my top 7 timesaving tips for TVmap in Excel.
If you have any tips you'd like to share, or anything you'd like me to give you tips about, please contact me.

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