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Broadcast MAP
Founded in 1995, Broadcast MAP is a New Zealand technology company and a leading innovator in TV and media forecasting, trading and analysis. Our flagship product is the TVmap software suite.

Broadcast MAP is part of the Volaris Group, which is a division of Constellation Software, one of Canada’s largest technology companies. Constellation Software is publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under CSU.

TVmap software is used widely across Australasia, filling a niche in media trading with its full suite of integrated media forecasting, trading, analysis and reporting tools. TVmap specialist teams in Auckland and Sydney serve the media industry with ground-breaking off-the-shelf and bespoke product development, coupled with legendary service and support.

Who we are

William Graf - Broadcast MAP General Manager

Our General Manager, William Graf, oversees the day to day running of the business with a vision to continue to grow by delivering reliable and innovative solutions to existing and new customers. With a background in software engineering, team management and strategic planning, William's strength lies in the successful management and inspiration of our team.

Overseeing all technical operations, Steve has introduced ongoing improvement methodologies, documentation and procedures, contributing greatly to overall quality control and customer satisfaction. From a background in engineering and process optimisation, Steve's IT experience was developed through ERP and analytical software packages.

Leanne has held senior sales and marketing services roles for the Seven Network where she gained an in-depth understanding of the audience costs and research requirements of both Media Agencies and Broadcasters. Her knowledge and experience in the areas of television ratings, network rates and account management in the TV media industry enables her to provide effective solutions to the media industry. Linkedin

What we do

We develop powerful software that is geared towards actionable information and flexibility. This means no more cumbersome screens to click through and the laborious re-keying of data. Our uncompromising focus on quality through the development cycle leads to lower costs, happier clients and better return on investment.

Our core product is TVmap (Television Media Analysis Program). Already New Zealand's industry standard media buying and analysis software, TVmap is now starting to revolutionise media analysis for Australian agencies and broadcasters.

Through our joint venture company Broadcast Revenue, we develop 'Focus' - a modern Revenue Management Software package for the TV Broadcasting industry. We provide innovative revenue management software, high impact training and ongoing support to effectively maximise revenues. Learn more

Why we do it

Based on personal experience in the media buying industry, we knew there had to be a better way of doing things. This inspired us to design the TVmap suite to deliver the most flexible combination of power, ease of use and speed ever seen, providing valuable and highly targeted industry intelligence quickly and in a format that is easy to understand. Simply put, if you're in the broadcast media trading industry, TVmap software is designed to make your life easier, and save you time and money.

Our software delivers the information in a way that:

• Enhances your market insight
• Increases confidence in your decision making
• Enhances your client relationships
• Strengthens your negotiating position
• Increases return on investment
• Maximises marketing dollars

Where we are

Sydney Office
Suite 104, 308 Pacific Highway
Crows Nest, NSW 2065

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Auckland Office
10 Dundonald Street, Eden Terrace
Auckland 1021
New Zealand
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