How accurate are the predictions in TVmap?

In simulated testing* TVmap's seasonal forecasting outperformed 'same time last year' forecasts by 14.7%, and forecasts based on recent history by 39.4%. Better forecasting leads to better negotiations, less wastage of media funds, and happier clients.

*Using typical buying demographics and channels in prime time, using the standard statistical 'sum of squares' measurement of differences.
What do we need to use TVmap?

You will need the necessary data subscriptions with the appropriate data suppliers for the region.

In Australia this is shared between OzTAM, AGB Nielsen Media Research and Nielsen Media Research. In New Zealand this is AGB Nielsen Media Research and Nielsen Media Research.
How is it paid for?

The costs for TVmap are spread between a monthly license fee and the appropriate user fees, which depend on the number of users accessing the software and the desired optional modules.
How long does it take to install TVmap?

Installation generally takes less than one day. After the initial training session of approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, new TVmap users demonstrate immediate productivity in the software. Further training is always offered after 2 to 4 weeks to ensure everyone has a full understanding of the available power and functionality of TVmap.
How soon will we see the productivity benefits?

The ease and speed in which people become productive with TVmap has been a key factor in its success. If a user is new to the industry it provides an immediate understanding of many facets of media advertising through its intuitive interface. The software is easily understood by all levels of personnel, and significant productivity gains are achieved after one hour's training.
What are the cost benefits of TVmap?

TVmap offers one of the highest returns on investment (ROI) for a media software product.

Tangible benefits include the low total cost of ownership through reliability and ease of learning, and productivity gains which typically reduce required staff numbers by 12.5%.

Intangible benefits include enhanced client satisfaction levels - such as being able to prove more accurate ratings forecasts, and improving the decision support process during negotiations.

Other benefits include liberating your staff from a 'process mentality' and freeing them up for strategic thinking. They can truly work smarter, not harder.