TVmap AdBreaks Module Overview

"It’s hard to win if you buy on quarter hour data and report on minute by minute. Improve the odds by using AdBreak data when you plan and buy."

TVmap Adbreaks Module
  • In-break analysis made easy
  • Buy using program AdBreak ratings
  • AdBreak level R&F optimisation
Improve your buying.Our research has shown demographics which are more desirable to advertisers are subject to greater AdBreak index values than the average. In a recent Zone 1 study of Women 18-34 the AdBreak drop off was up to 51.8% for some programs and yet in another timeslot we saw AdBreak gains of 9.9%.
Get the big picture.See overall trends by analysing zones, channels and demographics for AdBreak influence.
View the detail.Plot AdBreak data against individual minutes to visually see how ad breaks affect your target audience.
See audience behaviour by program.TVmap’s AdBreak software adds a whole new dimension to Top Program reporting with AdBreak Ratings and Ad Index. Then double-click to zoom in on a fully detailed graphic analysis for the chosen program.