TVmap Analysis Module Overview

"I was convinced we needed better trend analysis for media trading, so I designed a tool that did in seconds what used to take days. The whole philosophy of TVmap stemmed from this first module."

Analysis Module
  • Delivers powerful results fast, with less effort
  • Deceptively simple interface for ease of use
  • Visualise trends in seconds
90 different ways to slice and dice your data.Quickly build up the ‘shape’ of the graph you want and sample graphs show you what you’ll get back from TVmap before you run the analysis.
Returns client presentation data in graph form faster than traditional tools.TVmap gives you the data you want in a graph so you can instantly visualise the trends you are wanting to identify.
Automates and streamlines all the time-consuming processes to make it easy and fast.This is one of the easiest TVmap modules to learn and use. You’ll be more productive with only 15 minutes training and gain strategic insights for negotiations and new business in a matter of minutes.
One click captures the numbers straight to your spreadsheet.For those times when a graph is not enough, TVmap will export the trend numbers directly to Excel ready for you to perform your own number crunching.
No hidden menus.What you see is what you get. Nothing’s hidden – all the options are right there on screen making this one of the simplest, yet most powerful media software modules available.